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Outlet Replacement in Inver Grove Heights

Before you try to fix your electrical outlets on your own, see why Inver Grove Heights ‘s own Norske Electric is the better option!

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Nothing Beats Experience!

If you’re down to one, functional outlet in your living room, it’s time to call the electrician. Norske Electric is the only choice for excellent customer service and quality work in Inver Grove Heights. As a company with more than twenty years of experience in electrical maintenance, Norske Electric’s electricians get the job done efficiently and without error. They even offer their clients 24/7 availability for emergency situations.
Norske Electric is truly an all around company, with various options for lighting, fixture replacement, new installation and maintenance. Whether it be a large electrical project or a quick fix, they’ll get the job done!

Any electrical project requires the experience of a professional to ensure it’s done correctly. Even though it seems like a time and money saving method, taking on electrical equipment or wiring yourself can set you up for much more expenditure and huge headaches in the future. Even the technicalities of a simple fix like replacing an electrical outlet are extensive. In addition to the specifics of electrical maintenance, it can also be difficult to choose an electrician in the Inver Grove Heights area. With so many options, how do you pick a company that you’re sure you can trust? Norske Electric offers their clients the very best in experience, with highly trained electricians that can come to you 24/7. Highly recommended by your neighbors in Inver Grove Heights, they’ve garnished rave reviews, which they display on their testimonials page. Be sure to check them out so you can feel confident about your decision!

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Many things can go wrong when you try to do electrical work on your own, so save yourself the hassle and call Norske Electric today at 952-443-4113 to discuss your options or click below for a free, instant quote!

Electrical Maintenance 101

The most common electrical maintenance required for homeowners is the repair or replacement of electrical outlets. When your outlets turn off or no longer provide power to your plugs, it’s imperative to have them fixed immediately. At times, malfunctioning outlets can be indicative of larger problems, so as a homeowner you want to ensure that your outlet is assessed by a professional right away. In addition to being confusing work, electrical work can also be dangerous, so leave it to the experienced electricians at Norske Electric to deduce the problem. They’ll come out at any time for an emergency, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with them today!
In addition to fixing your electrical outlets, Norske Electric can also replace broken or unresponsive switches such as those for your lights or food processor. Don’t resort to a desk or table lamp for light, simply give Norske a call to fix your moody switches.
The bathroom fan is an essential part of your restroom and as such should always be running in perfect shape. If you find your fan is running slow or simply not working at all, Norske Electric can fix that, too! Not only are they there for quick fixes, but they’ll have your bathroom fan returned to prime condition in no time.

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The industry specialists at Norske Electric pride themselves on their highly reputable customer service and the unbeatable standard of work. If you have an electrical emergency in Inver Grove Heights, Norske is one of the only companies that is always willing to respond at anytime! There are a lot of choice for electricians, but choosing Norske Electric is a decision you won’t regret. With their affordable services and free, instant quotes, you can’t go wrong. Give them a call at 952-443-4113 to speak with a knowledgeable representative or click for a free, instant quote. You’ll be glad you did when all your outlets are completely functional and that broken switch you’ve been ignoring finally works!

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