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    Our Electrical Commercial Work

    At Norske Electric, our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that insures safety and energy efficiency. We are always looking to stay on top of technological and industrial advancements to give our customers the best products and services.

    From new commercial construction and remodeling, to building retrofit and electrical maintenance services, we work hard to provide quality work on a timely schedule.

    Commercial – Maintenance

    Our commercial maintenance services can help reduce energy costs and provide a more energy efficient lighting.

    With the right training and years of experience, Norske Electric is a reliable solution to your lighting needs. Here are just some of the services we offer, please call our knowledgeable staff with any inquiries.


    – Retrofit Fixtures

    – LED Upgrades

    – Aerial Work

    – Indoor/Outdoor Security Lighting

    – And Much More!

    Commercial Construction- Builders/Contractors

    Our experience in new construction and remodels allows us to provide a vast array of services for the commercial industry.

    Norske Electric offers design build services for your remodel or new construction project. Our knowledgeable electricians can create an efficient lighting layout to save energy costs.

    Here are some of the services we offer:


    Design and Design Assist

    New construction

    Tenant finish

    Remodel and retrofit

    Service upgrades

    Code corrections

    Lighting maintenance


    Outdoor lighting and controls

    Security lighting

    Bucket truck service

    Generator installations

    Residential – Code Compliance

    Norske Electric can ensure that your commercial property is up to all the local and state laws. Contact us today and we can come out to your commercial property and do a full electrical inspection.

  • Retrofit LED Lighting



    Energy Savings

  • The Advantage of Using LED

    Provides Great Return on Investment

    Long LED lifespan eliminates bulb replacement

    High-efficiency lighting saves energy

    Universal-fit system for new or retrofit projects

    Designed for reliable performance

    Engineered for optimal light distribution

    LED Canopy Down Light

    This luminary series has a universal fit system suited to both retrofit projects and new construction. Up to 73% total energy savings over non-LED fixtures. It also improves visibility at the dispenser and surrounding areas. Vibrant, crisp, uniform lighting provides gentle illumination on surrounding areas to create a safe and comfortable customer experience.

    Walk-In & Reach-In Coolers

    LED vertical lighting can provide glare-free illumination with a concealed light source. True white lights make product packaging look best, and cool-tough lighting enhances cooler efficiency. Up to 85% total energy savings over non-LED fixtures. Available with motion sensors.

    Border Tubing & Accent Lights

    LED-based tubing has more durability and saves more energy using less voltage compared to neon lighting. It can be uses to accent the canopy or equipment and is available in many colors & sizes. 

    Interior & Exterior Soffit Lighting

    LED linear overhear soffit lighting is the most efficient area lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Dimming options or motion sensors available.

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